New Legislation to open Border to Fully Vaccinated Americans

Canada has long been on the fence concerning their mandatory vaccines for children. Recently, Canada has started allowing travelers from the United States to enter their country. This is a welcome change considering the fact that many countries do not allow people to travel to certain regions if they have certain diseases or conditions. Even though the United States is one of the largest contributors to the vaccines required to prevent disease, many people feel this would be a big mistake by Canada.

Recently in Vancouver British Columbia there was a measles outbreak. This is one of the most serious cases of measles in recent history. Because the disease is highly contagious and easily spread among those who have weak immune systems, it is essential that people have access to vaccinations against this disease. By opening the Canada-US border to fully vaccinated Americans, Canada will be taking a positive step in protecting its citizens while at the same time providing the necessary information for those traveling from the United States.

The problem with Canada’s decision on allowing people from the United States to come here is that they will not be keeping themselves safe from this deadly disease. As a matter of fact, many people fear that travelling between the two countries may make matters worse. measles is a highly contagious disease that can lead to long term complications such as pneumonia and other severe complications. Although very contagious, it is not airborne nor can it be transmitted through the air. Therefore, although the majority of people are immunized, some may not be and this is where the issue lies.

While some people are concerned about travelling and contracting the disease, others completely agree that vaccines are necessary. If you are travelling from one city to another, whether for work or pleasure, then it is extremely important that you have all of your required vaccines. These vaccinations can help protect you from many deadly diseases including measles. By travelling between two different cities in Canada, you can ensure that you are protected and that the risks are minimal.

While Canada’s stance on not accepting persons with certain diseases may seem extreme, it is a fact that a large number of them have come from the United States and have contracted these ailments. For this reason, many people feel that it is absolutely necessary to receive all of these vaccinations before travelling. Some of the vaccinations required can be obtained for free, while others require a payment. The amount that you pay is purely for the fact that the government provides it for you. If you are travelling from the United States to Canada then it is highly recommended that you pay for your vaccines.

As an American you do have certain rights once you arrive at Canada. Although these rights are mostly ignored, if you wish to remain in Canada then it is important that you follow these laws. Many people choose to ignore the laws altogether and hope that their vacation will go smoothly without having to adhere to any laws. Unfortunately, breaking the law can result in several different problems including possible jail time. In order to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of Canada travel whilst avoiding the common pitfalls that many people face when travelling to Canada, it is important that you follow these tips.

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